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DivyaBhaskar.com has the largest News network in Gujarat. We reach 250 tier 2-3 cities of the State through our reporters and correspondents who give us latest updates from every corner of the State.
The new Divya Bhaskar app has an interesting section called 'Prime', which offers a bouquet of various attractions for our readers. These are as below.
To reach out to our younger audience, we have a section named 'Youth Zone', which includes stories about today's youth and the stories which they might be interested in. This section is divided into the following four sub-sections: 'Achievement', 'Inspirational', 'Interesting' and 'Crime'.
For the first time, we are introducing Vertical Video Bulletin. As the name suggests, it's in a mobile-friendly vertical format, so that users won't have to tilt their phones. These 3 minute video news bulletins will keep readers updated with the latest news and happenings in no time.
Our reporters and editorial research team will be constantly on the hunt for research and analysis based investigative stories which will be exclusive of the whole media.
This section offers the top ten news of the hour in very few words and a picture. The news is written in such a way so that readers will get the crux of the story in a very concise format.
This prime section offers multiple complete novels, written by eminent writers of Gujarat, in an e-book format for free.
Divya Bhaskar app users get absolutely free access to e-papers of all the editions of Divya Bhaskar daily.
This daily updated section offers the latest articles of the country as well as Gujarat's well-known writers.

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